Does anyone want to share their stories?

Of Scoliosis surgery, or bracing or even just checkups…. anything scoliosis related!

Either answer on here or post in the ask <3

  1. i-feel-the-pressure-rising answered: i believe i have scoliosis. whenever i bend my back for an extended period of time, it hurts way to much when i stand straight. walking hurts
  2. pugsies answered: I don’t have medical insurance and I have a really bad case of scoliosis. Kids call me Quasimodo cuz my back’s so crooked! Haters gonna hate!
  3. neekd answered: i had scoliosis, a 90 degree curve
  4. rs-evolve answered: I do! But I’m pressed for time right now and I’ll post later. (:
  5. spazhands18 answered: I have scoliosis and I have 4 curves in my back.I go to bed every single night frustrated and etc. but I know that it is for my own good
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